Introduction to Basic English for Business Communication


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Is your native language something other than English? Do you speak several languages and want to learn more about the English language and Canada?
Are you currently working, or seeking a job in an English-speaking working environment?
Have you ever had to ask multiple times what a person was saying in order to understand and still left with a bit of confusion?
Are you sometimes experiencing difficulties understanding, giving, or receiving directions while at work due to language barriers?
Would you like to learn some tips and tricks on how to overcome these difficulties?
We, Kisserup International Trade Roots, are a small consulting and training company based in Canada, and we are here to help. We have almost 10 different nationalities in our office and we have worked in over 90 countries with Kisserup, learning to bridge cultural gaps and most importantly learning to work with cultures and an absolute asset. This experience has brought many cultural experiences and learning that we aim to share with you during this course.


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